Friday, January 11, 2013

Food update

I am so much calmer about this food situation. I spoke with a nutritionist at the lab that did the test. Basically, I can freely eat anything from the acceptable list so long as I don't eat the same thing day after day. I should at least rotate things every other day. This is to prevent my body from developing any new intolerances. For best results, I'm to stick to this plan of only the acceptable foods for 3 months. Leaving out all the intolerant foods, gluten and casein. Which basically means no milk or gluten breads or grains.

My ok grains are corn, quinoa, buckwheat, sorghum, amaranth, wild rice. Potato and regular rice are off my list so a bunch of "gluten free" items are unacceptable, too, because they are made with potato and rice flours.

Yesterday, I went to the store with the kids. I didn't make a list or eat a good snack before I went. Two major mistakes. I knew I needed steaks, some snacks for me and maybe to look at the gluten free options or see what other flours were available at this store. Oh man, the kids were hungry, I was hungry, I had a really hard time focusing on what I needed to get. By the end of it, I was shocked by the bill and more perturbed that I dint have the grocery cash envelope in my purse. This afternoon, I'll visit a friend who does gluten free for her family. I also want to try to go to the local gluten free support group meeting. I need ideas to make this cheaper!

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